Massage / Spa


Half & Half $72

A half hour relaxation massage followed by a half hour Eminence organic facial. A great way to try both! 

Relaxation Massage:

30min Neck & Back $40

60 min Full Body $65

90 min $95

 All massages are performed using organic coconut oil or organic Eminence massage oil.  

~ Add CBD Daily as a spot treatment for pain in your massage. $5 


Body Scrub $65 +

Body Scrub & Wrap $100+

A body wrap session starts with exfoliation of your skin with our award winning Eminence body scrubs followed by your choice of body treatment. Then you're wrapped tightly to generate heat to open the pores for maximum detox relief. After sufficient time you are unwrapped, the treatment is removed and followed with a special body moisturizer revealing soft and glowing skin. Choose from the following below. 

BLUEBERRY SOY SLIMMING: Firming, slimming and hydrating

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE: Anti-aging and detoxifying  

HERBAL CELLULITE TREATMENT: Regenerating and toning 

MANGO ENZYME: Exfoliating and hydrating  with active enzymes    

* Purchase a series of 3-5 Spa treatments and receive 15% off  total purchase

*  Purchase a series of 6 or more Spa treatments and receive 20% off total purchase

* Must be pre-purchased to receive discount